Thursday, September 29, 2016

RungoDance: Dance to the Beat

RungoDance: Dance to the Beat: Dance to the Beat of the Rhythm Dance on ONE, dance on TWO,  dance wherever YOU want to but for crying out loud, if you are leading,  MAKE...

Dance to the Beat

Dance to the Beat of the Rhythm

Dance on ONE, dance on TWO,  dance wherever YOU want to but for crying out loud, if you are leading,  MAKE IT CLEAR.  Many times I have danced with a partner and it is very obvious that they truly have NO idea where 'their' beat of choice is.  How can we follow a moving target? And it's OK not to know.  It is hard, tedious and can sometimes be boring and repetitive, but YOU want to lead so LEAD.

The RUNGO Rhythm Beat Box is a simple exercise that ANYONE can do. Upon it's perfection we can START to help you to understand the true difference between ONE and TWO, THREE and FOUR and more......Dance to the beat of the rhythm!!!

Our next Music Workshop is October the 15th, 2 PM Long Center in Clearwater. Bring your EARS!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dancing is as easy as Counting 1-2-3..........4!

"Hey, do you dance Salsa on the 2?  Who me, uh, uh.....yeah that's what I do,  dance on 2.  How about you?  Oh me, yeah, yeah I dance on 2, of course why wouldn't I, that is the place to be? "

Well if it is the place to be, wouldn't you want certainty as to how to get there, stay there and purposely leave and come back there, with confidence?

I have always been exposed to music, my dad was a musician and it was a daily part of our lives.  I took piano lessons as a child, was in the choir at school and always danced at home assuming everybody did such an activity. My brother had a band as early as I can remember and setting up equipment, practicing in the garage and lots of writing song lyrics was a common occurrence in my environment. Music fed my soul then and now I know it does.......

When I started taking drum lessons is when the flood lights came, what a world.  I thought I knew a lot about music and when I realized what I did know, it was made aware to me that my knowledge was mostly intuitive.  It wasn't until I literally got into the music and assessed the rhythm that I gained great confidence in my dancing, meaning I began to count and put emphasis on the accuracy.  Counting is the ONLY way to gain control of the music and rhythm and THEN use the  body to express the part of the song that you intuitively hear and BAM nail that son of a biscuit eater, so you can GET DOWN!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dancing Makes You Smile!

A smile is like a magnet that stirs up feelings of joy. Whenever I see a little kid or a baby that smiles at me it just melts my heart. I don't have babies but I have parents and when they smile at me it is with the same intensity of that of a child and it sends joy throughout my being.

Many times my students do something cute or endearing and during class I smile...... I always wonder if they know it's cause of them. So thank you to those who make me smile, smiling is infectious. Dancing makes you smile. 

The dance floor is a palace for a smile.  It is very rewarding to get to the point where one can smile and dance.  It is a really good test; 'is he/she smiling'?  If the answer 'NO' then they are probably dancing beyond their comfort level, which can be great for learning.  Part of the 'dance intrigue' is going out, getting dressed up and having a great time allowing the music to fill your heart.  If the brain is working too hard it will interrupt that process.  Rungo Dance social dance and Rungo Dance Fit dance fitness are designed to break the chains that the brain imposes on us and allow the body and heart to work together.  It is a BZMIS....body zaps mind into submission...... and it happens all the time!

Give it a try! Dance for fun and dance for fitness, and DANCE!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

RungoDance: Strong Man; Good Girl!!

RungoDance: Strong Man; Good Girl!!: The roles on the dance floor are clearly defined!  Girls must be 'good' and guys must be 'strong.' A man is the leader; he i...

Strong Man; Good Girl!!

The roles on the dance floor are clearly defined!  Girls must be 'good' and guys must be 'strong.' A man is the leader; he is strong, confident and committed to making the ladies experience enjoyable, memorable and enlightening.  A lady's position it to follow; no matter what.  She is to be respectful, patient and allow the man to deliver his plan with ease and deliberation.  If you both dedicate yourselves to fulfilling these roles: MAGIC!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Ballroom Dance Fitness Class

So what exactly do we get from this class......formerly known as rungodance, soon to be 'something' else.  Who cares really,  what it's called?  What the heck is it good for?  Well frankly I have amazed myself as how nicely my students have progressed.  I have taken non-dancing people and created a sense of coordination and fluidity, I tell ya, I have been amazed.

It's easy to learn the ballroom dances in this format; all of them. I use all the rhythms in my class from Foxtrot to Salsa and Bolero to Zydeco and anything else you can think of! It's a must experience kind of thing! The class imposes such movement and demand that the participant disengages the mind and the thinker (always the culprit ) and gives the body a chance to move and grove to the beat and rhythm.  Ladies follow and learn to WAIT for the cue before they move and men do the same as for the key to any good leader is to be a great FOLLOWER (one secret out!).

Calories burned equal any where from 300 to 600,  depending on the energy out put.  Sweat, yes you will sweat and use every muscle in the body. Stretch, yes you will stretch and gain flexibility if not on purpose, by accident.

Your relationship with music will be enhanced NO MATTER WHAT.  Your understanding and predictability of music will get better and better.  I have seen NON music people actually develop a sensitivity and awareness to the music.  It's really all about the music.

Whether you feel like learning to dance, developing your lead or follow, feeling  the music, building your confidence, losing some fat or burning some calories or just feel like being expressive and having a good time,  this class is for you.